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LOLA Testimonials

I was involved in a jazz performance using LOLA with myself performing at Napier University in Edinburgh and a group consisting of sax, guitar, bass and drums performing to an audience in Maastricht in the Netherlands. The LOLA system worked flawlessly and it was a great experience to be able to perform with a group that was over 1000 kilometres away. With the help of video and monitors controlled by the LOLA system we were able to perform and communicate as if we were all on the stage together. Lola is a wonderful innovative system and will make many things possible in performance and education.
It is a great pleasure to be involved in the project and it has my full support.

Steve Waterman, jazz trumpet artist and composer


I believe that the "LoLa Project", created by man of great talent and ingenuity, represents that of that footsteps of the human, artistic and musical civilization which gives a beneficent and extraordinary impulse for the progress in the art of the music and execution, without loosing nothing of the pure musical tradition of performance.
I see with LoLa a leap of forward into the future that this good technology is offering us with wonderful, varied and promising implications.
The musicians all over the Europe will have from now the magnificent task and the great opportunity to play toghether and to confront themselves without the empediment of the large distance between their cities. The young people will be able to access the wisdom of more experienced elderly experts, who in turn, will have the joy of discovering new talents with a facility of assignment to all forbidden till now.

Mauro Maur, trumpet soloist